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Protect Your Assets & Enjoy Your Retirement

Will your retirement savings support your dreams? All it takes is the right plan built with your unique goals and challenges in mind. And ongoing service to keep it on track.

Retirement Is Changing

​Research shows that almost HALF of U.S. households are at risk of running out of money during retirement.​

​With earlier retirements and longer life expectancies, you could enjoy your golden years for longer than any generation has before.

But longer retirement also means more potential for complications.

Soaring inflation and market uncertainty could put your savings at risk. Besides, it’s not enough to just protect your nest egg from “cracking.” Your retirement savings also need to work for you and finance your desired lifestyle. If you’re not sure how to meet both of those goals… We can help.

Stratton and Company helps people just like you live out their dream retirement.

Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of retirees create predictable and reliable retirement forecasts, so they can stop worrying about money and enjoy life to the fullest.

Yes, even in unstable markets and uncertain times.

We want to do the same for you by helping you design a retirement plan that matches your retirement goals.

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Comprehensive Retirement Strategies

Full Suite of Services

At Stratton & Company, we have access to a world of financial products, from traditional stocks and ETFs linked to assets such as real estate and precious metals, to brokerage CDs, to income products such as bonds & annuities.

But we never recommend a product without a plan. Products are only tools, and we make sure to fit the right tool for the job you want it to do. With that in mind, all S&Co. clients receive a comprehensive strategy, built to give you clarity on your finances for your complete retirement. We work with you to build a plan that includes:

• Managing your investments for long-term growth with appropriate risk levels, diversified for protection against volatility, with regular rebalancing to keep your plan on track.

• Planning income distributions that you can count on, that address your budgetary needs and accounts for inflation.

• Budgeting for goals and potential major expenses, when they might occur and how much they might cost, and how to best pay for them.

• Where and how to take distributions from your IRA, 401k, 403B, etc. to maximize your income while minimizing taxes.

• If you have legal and tax planning needs, we have close relationships with established local estate planning attorneys and CPAs and will collaborate with them to integrate these aspects into your plan.

How We Get Started

The Financial Clarity Process

The first step to considering becoming a client is to enjoy our tried & proven Financial Clarity Process.

It can help you fulfill those lifelong dreams you’ve been putting off, create an income stream you can count on in the future, and protect your nest egg from market volatility and unexpected life changes, and more.

Even if you determine we are not a good fit, we find that retirees benefit from this process. There is no cost, obligation, or pressure, and you control the pace! When you're finished, you will have a plan that you can implement with us if you choose to do so, or even use with your current advisor if you determine we are not a good fit. Some retirees benefit from the process so much that, even if they are not ready to become clients themselves, they refer their friends to work with us!

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How does our Financial Clarity Process Begin?

The Process Starts With a Few Key Items:

Investment Risk Score

Not all investments are created equal. Some of them are riskier than others. Your Retirement Risk Forecast measures whether your current strategies are within the acceptable levels of risk for your unique needs.

Income Security Score
Gone are the days of secure pensions. IRAs, 401Ks, 403Bs, and similar plans have put the responsibility of securing income back on the retirees. We measure your security score and determine that there’s work to be done, we’ll help you improve those areas of your plan.
Retirement Resilience Score
How well might your plan stand up to difficult times? Market volatility, a spouse passing, unexpected expenses, and more, can derail the best laid plans. See how your current plan might turn out when it is stress tested for common retirement risks - and your own unique challenges.
Once Your Plan is Complete

Deciding to Become a Client

We work with you to adjust your plan until you are completely happy with it. If, for any reason, you're not ready to become a client, we can shake hands and part ways, at no cost or obligation to you. If you are ready to start, there is no cost for the plan, and we are paid based on annual investment management fees and/or products that underpin your plan.

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"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

The Initial Plan is Only the Beginning

When choosing a financial team, watch out for advisors who never contact you after you become a client, or are difficult to get on the phone.

Chances are, someone like that won’t manage your nest egg well.

Retirement lasts a long time. You deserve someone in your corner who has your back every step of the way.

Here’s how we serve our clients in ways big and small:

- Anyone who contacts us will always reach a real person — no robot phone trees, ever.

- We support clients through frequent, reliable communication, and review their retirement plans at least once a year to make sure we stay on track.

- We even host extremely popular monthly client events… but that’s just icing on the cake.

The core Stratton commitment is this: your retirement goals and needs are paramount, and we work hard to make them a reality - not just today, but every day into the future. Your retirement will constantly change, and we are here to make adjustments at every step.

If that sounds like the kind of retirement planning philosophy you can get behind, contact us now to schedule a call or meeting with no obligation or cost.

On a Personal Note

A few more things about S&Co.

Don't forget your cookies!

Grace, our office manager, bakes fresh chocolate chip cookies for every client who comes to the office! Careful, they are hard to put down!

More than just office meetings!

We see all clients at annual reviews, but we also host regular dinners, trivia, outings, and other fun ideas that Grace, our event coordinator, cooks up!

We love Wolfson Children's Hospital

Ever since the Stratton family was helped so much through a difficult time with a child, we have tried to give back with regular toy drives to Wolfson.