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How are we compensated?

Adding Value to your Retirement

Fees & Value

No cost unless you become a client.

Our fee and commission structure is straightforward, clear, and 

Financial Clarity Process

Your strategy is created with no up-front cost or fees. Each client starts with several meetings, moving through our unique process to create a custom retirement income strategy that fits their needs and goals. You'll work with our team to craft the plan until you are completely happy with it. If for any reason you decide not to implement the plan and become a client, we shake hands and part ways with no cost to you.

If you decide to become a client, there is still no additional charge for this comprehensive planning process. Our compensation is determined on a mix of investment and other financial vehicles that drive your plan, including:

Investment Management

If your plan includes investment management, we will assess an annual management fee of 1% on investment funds.

Individual Financial Products

In the case that your strategy includes individual products, such as insurance for inheritance purposes or annuities for income needs, our firm is paid by the financial compact you choose to use for these products.

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Adding Value to Your Retirement


Imagine: You hire an advisor to help you align your financial strategy with your retirement goals, so you can avoid making costly mistakes. But soon you realize that the retirement plan you have... is not the retirement plan you need.

Instead of creating a plan that would support your unique vision and goals, the advisor simply locks you into the same cookie-cutter strategies they’ve always used. And now, your portfolio is vulnerable to the next stock market crash. Your returns cannot keep up with inflation, let alone outrun it. Your money may be tied up in investments or annuities, so you can't access it readily.

The root of that problem is not the cost of paying an advisor. Rather, it is the absence of value.

When you pay for a professional service, you expect to receive equivalent, or greater, value in exchange for your money. It can be, and it should be, worth it -- with clear and measurable value to the client that far exceeds the expense.

It's why we offer a free discovery session to review your baseline plan, and your retirement goals. Even if we don't end up working together, we believe you will find value in our process, and you will learn things that will help you make better decisions and feel more secure.

Schedule your free retirement discovery session with us today.


On a Personal Note

A few more things about S&Co.

Don't forget your cookies!

Grace, our office manager, bakes fresh chocolate chip cookies for every client who comes to the office! Careful, they are hard to put down!

Our client events can't be beat!

Our client events aren't stuffy financial seminars! We have a lot of fun, and you are sure to meet some great retirees there!

We love Wolfson Children's Hospital

Ever since the Stratton family was helped so much through a difficult time with a child, we have tried to give back with regular toy drives to Wolfson.