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Build a Better Retirement Income Plan

Get a clear, organized strategy to secure your hard-earned dollars for retirement. You don't have to leave something as important as your future to chance.

Investments and Income Plans Exclusively for Those:

Retired or Nearing Retirement

Nearing Retirement

The 5 years leading up to retirement are crucial. See how we serve pre-retirees.

Senior couple meeting financial adviser for investment
Ready to Retire

Are you wondering if you're ready to retire? Get a clear plan with our Retirement Clarity Process.

couple of golfers
Active Retirees

The 5 years after retirement can make or break your long-term income. See how we plan with active retirees.

Portrait of smiling senior woman
Women in Retirement

Single women face unique retirement needs. From higher tax brackets to uncertain income plans, we have helped many retired women enjoy retirement with confidence.

Get a Clear, Organized Strategy for Retirement

Retirement - your golden years. Finally, you are free to prioritize happiness and relaxation; you’ve earned it. But will your retirement savings support your plans? What if you have to live frugally and sacrifice your dreams? Or maybe you’re at risk of running out of money altogether. You can have the retirement of your dreams. All it takes is the right plan built with your unique goals and challenges in mind.

Meet your Retirement Team, Stratton and Company, where we help people just like you live out their dream retirement through the Financial Clarity Process.

Since 2001, we’ve helped hundreds of clients do just that. Our clients are living proof that you can enjoy a secure, worry-free retirement — no matter what the markets, and life, may bring. We want to do the same for you. So if you’re in or nearing retirement, click the link below to see how the Financial Clarity Process can help you retire with confidence.

Meet Your Retirement Team

No Cost or Obligation.

Call us today to discuss:

Your Retirement Goals & Vision

Travel, Spending Time With Family, Activities, Giving

Before starting a plan, the first step is to help you determine what your absolutely perfect retirement looks like to you. It may include the things above, but we find it is different for every retiree.

In our book, the only successful retirement plan is the one that perfectly aligns with your vision for your golden years.

That means, before we can recommend any specific strategies, we must know what that vision is and exactly what you want your retirement to look and feel like.

Your Retirement Concerns

Planning for a Surviving Spouse, Overspending or Underspending, Investment Concerns

What are you worried about in retirement? What might keep you up at night in your golden years?

We will help you identify your top retirement concerns, and put proactive plans and strategies in place to solve them. That way, you won't have to spend a day of retirement worrying about the "maybes" and "what ifs".

And in many cases, we may even help you prevent retirement nightmare scenarios before they happen!

Your Retirement Risks & Liability

Market Volatility, Excessive Taxation, Inflation, Running Out of Money, Economic Turmoil

Many retirees' assets are vulnerable, and they may not even know it!

In your strategy session, one of our team members will evaluate the level of risk and liability in your retirement plan — and discuss potential solutions to protect your hard-earned nest egg.

This will help you avoid unnecessary taxes, disaster-proof your savings against market instability, and even rein in the inflation that erodes your savings!


Serving Retirees Over 20 Years

We are usually not the first financial services firm our clients have seen. Unfortunately, many retirees come to us because they haven't heard from their advisor in months - or even years. A good financial strategy requires regular review, rebalancing, and reanalysis. We see all of our clients at regular events and annual reviews, and a real live person answers when you call - our clients tell us it is a breath of fresh air in a world of poor service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have account minimums?

We are proud to say that we have never required account minimums to work with us. We serve retirees at all income and asset amounts.

How do you charge?

We will work with you to build a custom, comprehensive retirement strategy at no up-front cost to you. If you are not completely ready to implement the plan, we shake hands and you will pay no fee. If you like the plan and choose to become a client, we will charge an annual fee for investment assets that we manage, and/or earn commission on any individual financial instruments that drive your plan, paid by the financial company you select.

Do I give my money to you?

No, your funds will never be held by, or given to, Stratton & Company. Your funds are always held in your own accounts at the major financial companies that drive your plan, including but not limited to Schwab, Jackson National, Sammons Financial, etc.

Who are the experienced professionals behind Stratton & Company?
Meet Your New Retirement Team