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Jacksonville Retirement Strategy Summit


Here's What To Look Forward To:

Jacksonville-Retirement-Strategy-SummitOur special workshops will include topics such as 2018 Travel Trends, Fitness and Health, How to Volunteer as a Retiree, and Stratton & Company's very own Cindy Collins will give a talk on The Top 3 Things Women Should Consider in Retirement-- just to name a few!

We'll also have a giveaway! You'll have the chance to win gift cards to local hot spots such as restaurants, The Alhambra, The Jacksonville Symphony, and more!

One last thing, this event is totally FREE! We'll even provide breakfast and lunch. 

The Details:

June 23rd 9am-2pm
UNF 1200 Alumni Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32256
This Event is Free! Breakfast and Lunch Provided
To RSVP, fill out the form on the right or call Marena at (904) 425-0943

Our Special Keynote Speaker is a certified financial planner and experienced retirement professional, Mary Beth Franklin. To read about her, click the button below.

Read About Mary Beth


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